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We are your one stop building renovation and EQC Insurance Repairs Christchurch company. Every trade is in house and all tradesmen are experienced and qualified.

They (Austin) are licensed builders and master painters.
Property enhancements will renovate your bathroom, upgrade your kitchen, build you a new deck all within your allocated budget.

AA Property enhancement is also preferred contractors for major EQC Insurance repairs Christchurch and project management companies.

I’m passionate about about maintaining the character of a house.

Reusing native timbers where applicable. An Eco friendly approach benefits everyone. Spare time I like to keep fit and watch my children doing their sports.

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Property Enhancements are an evolving company. Since the earthquake systems to level house floors have improved with engineering….


We are painters and plasterers working in Christchurch, New Zealand. Property enhancement specialize in project based work and are experienced in both internal and external painting…


Bathroom renovations are a major part of Property Enhancements work. And Many times they are asked to update a bathroom while re-leveling a house….
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Bathroom Renovations Christchurch

Bathroom Renovations Christchurch

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Shower Installations Christchurch

Shower Installations Christchurch

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Renovations Christchurch

Renovations Christchurch

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Deck Builders Christchurch

Deck Builders Christchurch

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House Leveling

AA Property Enhancements are an evolving company. Which includes EQC Insurance repairs Christchurch, Bathroom Renovations Christchurch, Shower Installations Christchurch, Renovations Christchurch and Deck Builders Christchurch..etc

Since the earthquakes the systems to level house floors have improved with engineering. Property Enhancements will raise foundations by engineered underpinning for Renovations, EQC Insurance repairs, Deck Builders…etc

Therefore will also replace a foundation where required. There after Many house floors have been left with lumps in the middle (crowning). These lumps are lowered to an engineered acceptable standard. While the works taking place the floors are insulated.

Property Enhancements makes Best builders in Christchurch, Master builders Christchurch, Bench man homes Christchurch, Cost to completely renovate house. Renovate home with renovations and alterations, Painting, Landscaping, Decks. Some house piles have been fixed using unacceptable practices. Property Enhancements will give you peace of mind by checking all connections & re mediating them when necessary for better understanding video is available in you tube .

House Improvements

In AA Property Enhancements painters and plasterers working on Renovations Christchurch, Bathroom Renovations Christchurch, EQC insurance repairs, Shower Installations, Deck Builders ..etc in New Zealand. Besides Property Enhancements specialize in project based work and all are experienced in both internal and external painting.

After jacking a house to an acceptable level, it goes without saying the interior walls and ceilings will usually move or crack. It makes sense to have Property Enhancements revamp inside at the same time.

For your reference you can watch videos in You-tube, and follow our Facebook page for more images related to our project works.

After renovating a bathroom the paint finish and timing is of great importance – our experience is vital for Bathroom Renovations in Christchurch. And also Bathroom Renovations Christchurch will provide Full bathroom renovation service, Bathroom upgrades. Fully qualified tradesman, Full quotes provided, LBP. References available.

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AA Property Enhancement,Christchurch, Canterbury.

We are a mobile company, our office is our work vehicle. We are happy to meet you at your site & give you a quote or if you would like to meet me to discuss your project, then I would love to buy you a coffee to chat about it.

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